Contact Lens Exams & Fitting

Contact lenses can be a convenient form of vision correction for people who would like to go without glasses. Perhaps your lifestyle makes wearing glasses inconvenient, or you prefer how you look without them.

Regardless of the “why”, contact lenses can give you amazing convenience, vision clarity, and comfort, when fitted properly.

However, improperly fitted contact lenses can be more than uncomfortable – they can undermine vision correction and even cause injury to the eye.

As such, Clear View Vision Care uses an extremely thorough and precise examination, fitting, and trial process to deliver you the best in contact lens correction.

How It Works

The Exam

First, we will determine whether contact lenses will work for you. Using a variety of tests, we establish whether contact lenses are a good vision correction answer for your eyes, and if they are, what prescription and type of lens you will need. Your contact lens prescription differs from your glasses prescription.

The Fitting

Second, we use special tools and technology to precisely measure each of your eyes. This will further determine the right fit and type of lens for each eye – which may vary.

The Trial

Third, we send you home with a trial pair of the contact lenses we have determined will be the best fit for you. You can wear these for a trial period to ensure that the prescription, size, style, and brand of contact lenses we have chosen give you ideal vision and comfort. If you find that you have issues with this trial pair, we will adjust accordingly to find a resolution.

The Best Fit For Your Eyes

You should be confident that the vision correction you utilize every day is the best possible for you. Don’t settle for anything less: allow Clear View Vision Care to help you discover clear, comfortable, reliable vision.

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